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Skilful hair and makeup are second nature to us after having been one of the most recommended beauty artists in Brisbane. As beauty is an art and trade, we have the backing of many years training and experience which has seen us work through a range of different products. As professionals, we only use high quality professional products that will give the best finishes and looks. Here we explain a little about the different products we have and how they help us achieve the picture-perfect looks we create for our clients. We use a range of different cosmetic brands because we want the best particular products that suit you and your skin. Being a Brisbane bride also means that the humidity must be accounted for. The products we use will last in the Brisbane heat and humidity. We make sure we always use a finishing spray for extra makeup durability.

Lip Makeup

There is so much more to lip makeup than just a standard lipstick. With the use of lipliners, contouring and highlighting we can give your looks a fuller and softer look. We have a range of colours and blending techniques that we use to create the look you are wanting to achieve. Different colours of lipstick can match different skin tones better than others, which is knowledge we love sharing with our clients to help them stock their own makeup collection for daily use and keep them looking fabulous.

Eye Makeup

There are so many elements to eye makeup which enhance your facial features and create a perfect window frame for the windows to your soul and personality. By using a range of different eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras and even decorative elements we can create many looks that are suited to your personality and make your eyes pop. We can create soft natural looking eyes, smoky eyes, glittery eyes and even colourful eyes. Contouring the area around the eyes makes them really stand out and let’s not forget about the eyebrows! Eyebrows are what we have to frame our faces and we like to make them the best frames possible. Having a good makeup artist working on your eyebrows can make a huge difference. There will be no horror eyebrow stories if you are having Hair and Makeup Brisbane involved. Check out our gallery to see our talent with eyebrows to suit your face.


You may notice that we have dozens of different makeup brushes and we use a series of brushes to cater for each facial need. Our brushes are all of a high quality and cleaned after each client. Each client will have cleaned brushes used on their face and we avoid cross contamination where ever possible. We have foundation brushes, concealer brushes, eyebrow brushes, blusher brushes, highlighting brushes, contouring brushes and setting brushes. Basically any brush you can think of, we’ve got the best version available on the market so that we can treat our clients to a luxurious experience.

Hair Tools

There are so many things we are able to do with hair and having the right tools to do it make our talents shine. All of our hair tools and products are high quality to make sure that there is no damage done to your hair in the process of your hairstyling. We carry with us a straightener, curler, hairdryer, a series of brushes for different styling techniques as well as sprays that will make your hair smell gorgeous and hold it into place. We are aware of the Brisbane humidity so we also ensure that we keep your hair looking smooth and frizz free.

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