The beauty industry is a specialised niche that requires a lot of knowledge and training to perfect the art of both hair and makeup. Those who don’t have much exposure to the beauty industry often have questions about how the process works. Here we have outlined four of the common questions we get about our services being the length of use you get out of styling, how long the process takes, what products we use and what different styles of makeup are available for you to select from. If you have any other questions you would like answered, please contact us and we would be most happy to share our knowledge with you.

How long will my styling last?

Your hair and makeup styling are guaranteed to last you the whole day, as long as you don’t scrub your face or get your hair wet. We use a setting spray to help lock your styling in place, however it is not invincible. You will still need to take measures to avoid your hair getting wet or strong winds that can blow your hair out of place. Under usual circumstances, your makeup will last until you remove it and your hair will hold in place until you either wet it or sleep on it. 

How long does the process take?

Being skilled in the art that is hair and makeup, we are able to produce amazing results quite quickly. The length of time can obviously vary based on how heavy you would like your make up, and the detail that is in the hair. For example an updo that has a bun, braids and twists will take longer than simple waves throughout your hair. Once a look has been decided on, we will be able to advise you how long this process will take dependant on what you have selected.

What products do we use?

Being a professional company, we only use the best brands. We have been working in this industry for many years and have trialled many different products. Having found what we believe to be the best, we have stocked up our makeup bags and use these premium products for all our clients. The products are all ensured to be long lasting and to avoid any orange tones that you can get from the cheaper inferior make up products. Care is always taken in regard to hair products and we make sure we use products that are healthy for your hair and will not cause any damage.

What makeup styles are available?

We have a range of images available to assist in showing you the different styles of makeup available so that you can select your ideal outcome. You can choose classic, natural, bold, smoky, light, party, professional as well as blingy. We can help you create any style selection, or customise a style based on different elements you like from a range of styles so that we can find what best suits you.

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