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Makeup Trials And Bridal Hair

Hair and Makeup Trials Do Two Things.

They ensure that you know that the artist that you book for your wedding can do the job.The other reason is that often a future bride has an idea in mind of what she wants to look like. Often what we imagine we want and how it actually looks are very different.Nine times out of ten – when a bride tells us what she wants….It ends up being different to what she originally asked for.

The makeup we see on some celebrities does not suit everyone and when a girl asks us for a glamourous smokey eye. It is often too much and we scale it back and soften the look.

OR the complete opposite of a bride insisting that the look is very natural but when we photograph her at the trial, she can see that there is not enough makeup to help her eyes, cheeks and lips be defined.

You need a makeup look that looks great in the daytime and then carries over to your night time reception. That is up to 13 hours of your makeup staying fresh and your hair staying in place.

Planning for your big day is not only exciting, but exceptionally important. You don’t want anything to go wrong with the dress, the cake, the venue and especially the way you are presented on the day. This is why we offer bridal trials, so that when the day comes, you know that the hair and makeup of your entire bridal party is in the hands of the best hair and makeup artist in Brisbane. We use the trials to find out your personality and style and tailor our skills to suit you.

Bridal Makeup Service

Without an argument this is the most important part of a trial. The care and precision we put into making a bride look her best is second to none as we understand that your wedding day is something that only comes around once and will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life. The pictures that you will have hanging on your walls will show you on your wedding day and have to show you looking your best.

We are able to show you a range of styles that we have previously completed so that you can select one that you think best suits you. We then apply this style of makeup to make sure you are happy with it, and if not we are more than happy to try other styles till you find the perfect match.

Bridal Hairstyling Trials

The bridal hairstyle you select on your wedding day is also very important because it can completely change your look.

We like to work with our clients, get to know them a little bit as well as see photos of the dress.

From there we are able to recommend options we think would suit both you and the dress and start trials to see which style you fall in love with.

We are able to use hair accessories to customise your look such as flowers, pins and tiaras as well as cater to the requirement of a veil if required.

Bridesmaid Trials

Bridesmaids Makeup

Although you will be the show stealer on the day, your bridesmaids will also need to have their makeup done so that they fit seamlessly into your picture-perfect day. With your bridesmaids in your wedding photos, you don’t want any ugly orange lines or bright pink blush from them doing their makeup themselves. Having your bridesmaid’s makeup done professionally with ensure their makeup matches perfectly with their skin tone and that the appearance blends in with the wedding theme.

Bridesmaids Hair

Similarly with makeup, some people are just not skilled when it comes to hair. You don’t want to have any wedding photos with fuzzy hair of a bridesmaid ruining it. Creating hairstyles is an art, and one that we are exceptionally talented in. We will make sure your bridesmaids are looking good in all your photos with neat and beautiful hair so that you can display all photos of your perfect wedding day.

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